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Well-groomed hair gives us a beautiful appearance. Properly cared for strands with the use of delicate products are light, full of volume, and at the same time do not dry out or frizz. Well-moistened strands are in a very good condition and fit perfectly in various styles. So how do you provide them with such beauty on a daily basis? Use a gentle hair washing bath from the iconic KERASTASE brand!

How does the KERASTASE hair bath work?

  •          Gently cares for and washes dry hair,
  •          Moisturizes the strands and the scalp,
  •          Nourishes
  •          Adds volume,
  •          It has a light formula,
  •          It contains iris extract, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.

How to use: Apply to damp hair and massage until lather. Rinse with water and repeat the operation.

Result: Hair smooth, shiny and full of life. It is also worth using a conditioner to enhance the effect of care!

Discover the entire range of KERASTASE cosmetics to provide your hair with a unique look and intense nourishment at the highest level.

Kérastase is a popular brand of professional hair care cosmetics. Kérastase institutes are located in many countries around the world, offering customers a unique, personalized care.

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