KÉRASTASE CHROMA ABSOLU Serum for colored hair 150 ml

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The serum was created for colored hair prone to frizz and various damages. Carefully refined composition allows you to get the effect of smooth, moisturized hair. Additionally, the serum protects the hair against the harmful effects of high temperature, as well as against the effects of UV rays.

  •          It protects the color
  •          Strengthens the hair
  •          It protects against the effects of temperature
  •          It reduces frizz
  •          Moisturizes
  •          Contains UV filters

Pennywort extract regenerates the hair and restores its balance.

How to use: Spray the serum on damp hair after washing, comb the strands and then dry and style.

Result: Smooth, strengthened hair

Kérastase cosmetics to give your hair the best care.

Kérastase is a popular brand of professional hair care cosmetics. Kérastase institutes are located in many countries around the world, offering customers a unique, personalized care.

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