Kashōki Smooth White Detangler Large Oval Hair Brush with White Boar Bristles


Kashōki Smooth White Detangler XL brush is a perfect hairbrush for everyday use. It is made of blend of synthetic and high-quality, natural, white boar bristles, which are made of keratin and are similar to human hair. The Kashōki brush painlessly brushes the hair and prevents them from damage. The regular use will improve the hair condition and leave them naturally shiny and healthy looking.

Kashōki Smooth White Detangler brush advantages:

  • The finest blend of a unique, white boar and synthetic bristles gently brush the hair without damage
  • Anti-static properties protect the hair from the frizz
  • Lightweight body and ergonomic handle for maximum comfort
  • Soft cushion adapts to the head
  • Extra large size suitable for long and extra-long hair

The Kashōki Smooth White Detangler XL features an extra-large oval shape, the soft cushion and blend of natural and synthetic bristles. The brush gently massages the scalp, improves the blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles. Synthetic bristles close the hair cuticles and smoothen their texture, while the natural bristles remove the excess of sebum and distribute it across the whole hair length, leaving them moisturized, nourished and protected from harmful external factors.

Kashōki is a luxury brand of makeup, hair and nails accessories.  It has been designed with attention to every detail and inspired by the exotic, mysterious and contrasting Asian culture. The products combine geometric patterns, minimalist forms and noble materials with the well-considered purpose, ergonomics and each element technology. Kashoki is a product collection, of which a multidimensional perfection changes the look and standards of makeup accessories. During the production process, the brand used the highest quality of materials such as copper, wood, taklon bristles and stainless steel. 

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