GOLDWELL Dualsenses Men Hair & Body shampoo for all hair types 300ml


The Dualsenses Men Hair & Body shampoo is a 2 in 1 type of product. It is acts as a shower gel and shampoo for all the hair types. It is suitable for daily use.

  •         Cleanses and refreshes the scalp and the hair
  •         Nourishes and gives energy
  •         Provides lasting moisturisation
  •         Fortifies hair condition
  •         Prevents hair loss

Goldwell Dualsenses Men Hair & Body shampoo contains the recharge complex formula enriched with caffeine and guarana. Guarana is a rich source of caffeine, which is a natural antioxidant. It protects from negative activities of free radicals. It improves the blood microcirculation and fortifies hair roots; therefore, it prevents from the hair loss and stimulates the hair growth.

How to use: Apply to wet skin and hair, massage in, then rinse. If necessary, repeat the process.

Result: Clean, fresh, nourished and fortified hair and skin.

For the best effects, we recommend trying out other products from Dualsenses Men range.

Goldwell brand has been founded in Germany over 60 years ago. Currently Goldwell is part of Kao Salon Division and the brand is well known and trusted within hairdressing industry. The products are innovative and focused to hairdressers, but at the same time they safe to use by individuals. The brand offers a wide portfolio of hair care products. 

Dualsenses Men range offers the products for men haircare, which is directed to thin and weak hair that need the healthy, strong and energizing look. 

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