Fox Professional Student Professional Hairdressing Scissors 5.5’’


The professional Fox Student hairdressing scissors in 5.5’’ size will be perfect for both beginners and experienced hairdressers. Thanks to application of concave grinding haircut is performed exceptionally smoothly and precisely. Ergonomically bent handle ensures anatomic grip and facilitates work. The blade is made of Japanese stainless steel which undergoes advanced thermal processing and considerably extends lifetime of the scissors.

  • Hand-made, two-piece scissors
  • Available in the 5.5’’ size
  • Screw with knob and in-built ball bearing
  • Japanese steel blade with hardness of HRC 59-61
  • Convex edge for professional haircut
  • Ensure smooth cutting

The screw with a knob makes it possible to individually adjust tension, and sharp cutting edges ensure precise and even cutting without the effect of pulling.

How to use: Clean the scissors every day and remove hair fragments. Remember to lubricate the screw and store the scissors in a dry and safe place.

Effect: Precise, smooth cutting without the effect of pulling.

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