FOX CANDY Professional Thinning scissors 5.5” turquoise

59.46 inc. VAT

Fox Candy thinning scissors available in pastel colours. Perfect for both salon and home use. Stand out with original turquoise colour and high quality.

  • Size 5.5’
  • Hand-made
  • Coated with Teflon
  • Made of very high quality (440A) steel;
  • Fine blades for hair layering
  • Highly durable

Hand-made. High-quality blades made of type 440A stainless steel. Teflon coating prevents corrosion. It reduces the likelihood of adhesion of hair to the blade.

How to use: Scissors should be cleaned daily to remove hair clippings and wiped with a dry cloth. Store in the case. Oil systematically the inside of the blades.

Results: Professional precision haircutting.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Fox products that allow you to equip your salon with professional tools for your work.

Fox is a Polish brand offering professional equipment for hairdressing salons. Its offer includes high quality tools for hair cutting and beard trimming. The brand was created for professional hair stylists. It currently cooperates with the most famous hairdressers and supports the Polish hairdressing industry.


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