BARBICIDE CLIPPERCIDE Spray for disinfection and lubrication of hair clipper blades 500ml

20.84 inc. VAT

Barbicide disinfection and lubrication spray Clippercide is an essential product in hairdressing and barber salons . It quickly and effectively destroys fungi, bacteria and various types of viruses, and the high pressure allows you to quickly get rid of hair, dust and dirt. In addition, it protects the blades by cooling them and protecting them from rusting. It does not contain aldehydes or ethanol. Its use is simple and safe, e.g. because it does not cause allergic reactions.

  •          Disinfects
  •          Destroys fungi, bacteria and viruses including: COVID-19, BVDV, Vaccinia , HIV, HBV and HCV
  •          Cools the blades
  •          Protects against rusting
  •          It does not contain ethanol and aldehydes

How to use: Start the razor and spray the attachment while the device is working. Turn them off and let them dry.

Result: Perfectly cleaned and disinfected device ready for further use.

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Barbicide is a brand originating from the United States of America, whose history dates back to 1947. The company produces the highest quality disinfectants for hairdressing salons, designed to remove germs and fungi from specialized tools and various surfaces. A characteristic feature of Barbicide products is a clear blue color. The brand entered the Polish market in 2011 and has been present in many of the best hairdressing salons since then.



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